Diamond is Unbreakable: Aqua Necklace

Hey so yeah remember when I said I was going to start publishing more blog posts? D-didn’t that turn out great? All those great times we had with… Euphonium and… 12 Days of Anime..

Okay so I haven’t exactly followed up on my resolution to post more. Ideas come and go but life always gets in the way. It takes something special to break me out of this silence. Something that really gets a rise out of me. Something weird…. something biz-

Okay look you all saw the title so let’s just get right to it.

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A Snake’s Rambles: The Sound And The Euphonium

I’ve been an anime fan for about four years now, and yet I’ve only been engaging with the community (through Twitter) for one. I did browse Reddit for some time, but I rarely commented and had minimal interaction with the crowd. So for the first large chunk of my anime viewing career I watched shows with no outside input. I would try out whatever interested me or would just look up what some good titles are and go from there (leading me to Gurren Lagann and the like). I still remember being surprised when I found out that the second season of Darker than Black, which I quite enjoyed, was actually mostly despised by the general community. I immersed myself in blogs and sought out other opinions. “Yeah you’re right SAO is trash” and “wow I’m so glad someone else likes Eureka Seven”. I wasn’t fully content with blogs however, and so I decided to finally take the plunge and join AniTwitter so I could properly discuss airing anime and have a great time.

And it’s been a fantastic time!…. Mostly!

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Aquarion Logos: Insert Bad Words


I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I’m not even sure if this series even happened. I don’t know anyone else who watched this show. Did I dream it all? Was this a horrible hallucination? Was this a special hell created for me because I pissed off some mecha anime related deity?

I’m getting ahead of myself here though. Let’s take this bit by bit.

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New Year New Me: Aria the Natural 18

New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly difficult to keep. Every year I, and a couple million other people, vow to change ourselves in some ways and yet many of them fail within the first couple of weeks. Outside of the obvious “this year will be the one I get in shape!” resolution, I’ve decided to only order water at restaurants from now on. I figured it’s not only healthier but will also save me money. I’ve maintained it so far (easy when we’re only 4 days in) but who knows when I’ll crave some sweet tea or really need a coke and then it all comes tumbling down.

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12 Days of Anime: Day 1 You

My favorite thing to happen in anime this year was meeting you. Words can’t really describe my feelings here but they’re all I have so they’ll have to do. I joined Twitter back in December of last year but it took until about mid-January for me to start actually gaining followers and having real conversations. Things quickly began to snowball when I joined a skype group made up of several individuals on Twitter and had conversations on there too. It’s been a blast.

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12 Days of Anime: Day 2 IN THE NAME OF THE MOON

There was no way I could have left this one out. Sailor Moon was such an important part of this year for me that I probably could have devoted my Twelve Days to just moments from the show. I started back in February and finished it in June, so it was the defining show for me during my last semester. There’s a whole lot for me to talk about here but I want to keep this semi-brief so I’ll do my best!

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12 Days of Anime: Day 3 LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOY

There’s something so captivating about truly terrible things. Products that are not only bad but exceptionally bad. There’s a reason why films like The Room and Troll 2 are still talked about today, and there’s a reason why anime fans seek out things like Mars of Destruction or Garzey’s Wing. They’re tons of fun to watch, especially with a group. This year I had the pleasure, the honor, to see to see my favorite of Bad Anime. You might think I’m crazy for having this at number 3, but today I’m going to talk about Cipher.

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12 Days of Anime: Day 4 BACK TO MORIOH

Like I said a few days ago, I am a huge JoJo fan. Since finishing the recent Stardust Crusaders anime I’ve gone back and read the next three JoJo parts. This means that I haven’t finished Steel Ball Run yet and don’t know anything really about Jojolion. I think Vento Aureo is one of the weaker JoJo parts and while I do really love Stone Ocean, Diamond is Unbreakable is one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever.

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12 Days of Anime: Day 5 LETS GO TO AQUA

Aria the Animation was not a show I expected to like. I tend to like fiery and passionate anime, shows that have the characters screaming at each other while drenched in sweat. I like things blown way out of proportion. I’m not really one for the iyashikei genre, which are shows designed to “heal” and soothe you. If I want to relax I tend to go for something high energy like JoJo or Haikyuu. So the fact that I have recently become enamored with Aria says quite a lot!

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